Twelfth Night, or What you Will By William Shakespeare

Four Words Theatre Company, July 2017

Stage Management by Danielle Thomsen

Lighting and Scenic Design by Peter Romano

Original Music by Alice Renier

Dramaturgy by Ida Victoria Biering

Featuring: Andrew Barrett, Ian Blom, Steven Fazzolari, Sarah Good, Nico Kiefer, Brynne McManimie, Ethan Nguyen, Sam Parrott, Dave Register, Alice Renier, Peter Romano, Chrissy Rose, Caroline Rosenblum, Nick Shea, and Brendan Sokler.


The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice by William Shakespeare 

Schapiro Theater at Columbia University, August 2014

Stage Management by Rafaella F. Rossi

Lighting Design by Patrick T. Horn

Costume Design by Alexandra Rose

Original Vocal Music by Alice Renier

Original Instrumental Music by Eric Larson and Nick Shea

Featuring: Kate Downey, James Fouhey, Patrick T. Horn, Eric Larson, Alice Renier, Alexandra Rose, Nick Shea, Kevin Sims, Marcel Spears, Jak Watson, and Matthew Whitfield.


Wasps by Dianne Nora

Columbia STAGES, October 2013 (World Premiere)

Produced by Aaron Simms

Stage Management by Rafaella F. Rossi

Lighting Design by Ian Edward Smith

Sound Design by Anna Libbie Grossman

Costume Design by Allegra Deneroff

Dramaturgy by Stephen Christensen

Choreography by Nancy C. Cantine

Featuring: Lillith Fallon, Tabia Lau, Matt Minnicino, Bethany McNamara, Tony Mowatt, Evelyn Spahr, Marcel Spears, Dante Wadley, Adam Weppler, Hannah Wolff, Charlie Wright

"Wasps" is a comedy that uses elements of the absurd to satirize the contemporary American media and political scene. Specifically, it's about a man, George Worth, and his hyper-dysfunctional family. George is branded as the ideal, all-American candidate when he's chosen as a Democratic nominee for US Senator. As George and his family come under greater media scrutiny, he becomes obsessed with the idea that his family home has been infested with wasps. Following George's failures and successes, Wasps takes an irreverent look at the role of media and democracy in the Age of Terror.  -- Dianne Nora


The Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks by Matthew Minnicino

No Boundaries Festival, Schapiro Theater at Columbia University, January 2013

Produced by Aaron Simms

Featuring: Nick Chris and Alexandra Pucci


The Threepenny Opera by Bertolt Brecht (Book & Lyrics) and Kurt Weill (Music)

Masquerade Musical Theatre Co., November 2010

Musical Direction by Mark Sanderlin

Lighting Design by Bryan Chess

Scenic Design by Lee Moore

Costume Design by Samantha Newby

Featuring: John Ball, Colgan McNeil, Christina Andretta, Corinne Mestemacher, Sean Kelly, Allie Rightmeyer, Amelia Kreski, Bailey Luthi, Cody Derricks, Alan Stentiford, Marina DeYoe, Dani Elizabeth Letsche, Lizzie Parot, Chris Balestriere, Morgan Smith, David Murray, Mary St. Angelo, Paolo Perez, and Kara Cohen


Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

The Un-Common Theatre Co., June 2010

Lighting and Scenic Design by Mike Texeira

Costume Design by Laura Duell

Choreography by Christina Kelly

Featuring: Francis Charles Sheehan, Luke Doyle, Paul Robinson, Liz Hunt, Kelly Auld, Ashley Goverman, Aaron Gosch, Meg Lowey, Graham Duff, Madeline Phillips, John Ball, Shannon Ballou, Ethan Blank, Sam Smith, Nick Chris, and Kwaku Acheampong.


The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard

Hofstra University Department of Drama and Dance, April 2010

Costume Design by Laura Duell

Lighting Design by Connor van Ness

Foley by Tyler Pardini

Featuring: John Ball, Laura Duell, Andrew Harrington, Ian Poake, Noah Redfield, Alexandra Rose, Mary St. Angelo, Christian Titus, and Chris Wentworth.


Welcome to the Moon and other plays by John Patrick Shanley

The Un-Common Theatre Co., July 2009

Featuring: Kelly Auld, Nick Chris, Liz Kennedy, Michael Norton, Chris O'Reilly, and Josh Primiano