Photo by  Matthew Dunivan.

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Keith Michael Pinault is a New York-based theatre artist and perpetual student. Born in Boston and raised in the surrounding suburbs, he attended Hofstra University on the Presidential and Ruth Liebson Memorial scholarships, where he studied acting with Peter Sander, Jean Dobie Giebel, and Ilona Pierce, as well as directing with Royston P. Coppenger. After four years on the main stage of the Hofstra Shakespeare Festival and a rather lengthy thesis paper on Brecht's short plays, he received his B.F.A. in theater arts, graduating magna cum laude with high honors.

Returning to his native Boston, Keith spent a year performing everywhere from Boston Common (as an ensemble member in Commonwealth Shakespeare's All's Well That Ends Well) to Chelsea's Mary O'Malley Park (as Rosencrantz in a Spanish translation of a Tom Stoppard classic: Rosencrantz y Guildenstern han muerto), and, occasionally, indoors.

His passions for collaboration and re-examining the classics drew him to Columbia University, where he earned his M.F.A. in acting, studying with the likes of Kristin Linklater, Andrei Serban, Gregory Mosher, Sam Gold, and Niky and Ulla Wolcz.

Having relocated to New York City for his studies, Keith spends his days (and most of his nights) there doing what he loves most: creating lasting memories of fleeting moments, with good people, wherever he can.


Photo by  Matthew Dunivan.